" All the elements of art are covered in these courses as per kids learning level"


  • Junior Beginners     4-6 Years
  • Junior Learners         6-8 Years
  • Senior Seekers       8-10 Years 
  • Senior Expressers   10+ Years


 Structured Curriculum, thoughtfully planned lessons based on learning ability and interest of kids.


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"Specialized courses designed to fulfill specific needs of kids and adults " with

  • The concentration of kids are going down to excessive information, distractions, technology gadgets available easily. Art is a medium which helps kids to increase their focus and concentration.
  • In the current environment where excessive stress has become part of our lives many a time, we need personal space to express thoughts, emotions via art.
  • Giving exposure to varied kind of materials, tools, trends to kids for their knowledge and experimentation.

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We not only conduct regular art courses and workshops but also conduct events like Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Festival Holiday Camps to engage kids in creative activities that include dance, drama, Creative Writing, fun games.


  • Craft activities in parties to engage kids.
  • Outdoor events to schools
  • Art sessions for Corporate to help them distress from regular office work.   


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"Our workshops are designed for enabling art enthusiasts to get acquainted with techniques of various art forms in few sessions. These sessions very precise, enriching and value for money "  



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For offering one stop solution to customers, we are coming up with our products Off the shelf like Painting for gifts and home interior, DIY kits for engaging kids into craft activities, Home Interior products, MDF cutouts and Stencils for different art projects and activities. Many more will get added in coming time.


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Starting something from scratch is having its own challenges. Why invent the wheel if someone has already done it for you. One can reduce the risk of failure by making use of already experimented and developed content and processes. Guidance by experienced coach/mentor can make things really easy to execute. Here comes the Artsy Craftsy to help you


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From the Founder's Desk:

A teacher from my head, mother at my heart and mentor by my attitude. I love art, being creative with new ideas and I love kids; they have a passion for seeing things the way we adults have forgotten. That's what makes them the best artist. I am not here to make Picassos or Michelangelo, but I believe each child has an artist in it and I hope in my pursuits with them I can show them how beautiful the creation of an artist can be. I hope to create perseverance, independence, and character through my art sessions for them.
In my journey of drawing, coloring, and painting, I discovered that I was a teacher wanting to impart my skills to others. Thus began my fun holiday at 'Artsy Crafsty'
Artsy Craftsy’ came to being in 2010 and now with more than 2000 students (both kids and adults); we have 7 centers running. Many more in the pipeline. Adding DIY craft kits and raw materials in our portfolio. Come and join Artsy Craftsy for Discovering joy of creating.
Kanchan Yadav