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What is Sculpture Painting?  
Sculpture painting is an art which is between clay mural and impasto painting. It’s a Russian form of art and done by using a form of clay which is called decorative plaster using palette knife
Why is it so Popular Art form?  
This art form is new to India and has been brought by master of sculpture painting Evegenia Ermilova to India.
What type of Variations available in this Art form?  
This art form is used to make a variety of flowers and leaves to create beautiful Decor pieces.
Usage of this Art form?  
This art is used to make beautiful decor pieces like wall plaques, mirrors , clocks and wall sculpture
How Artsy Craftsy can help to teach and master it?  
ArtsyCraftsy conducts its workshop to teach how to make the plaster. Variety of flowers and leaves using different strokes and how to use a palette knife to create the decor pieces


  • how to make your own paste
  • how to create a background
  • learn various strokes to form different petals and leaves to give that 3D effect.