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Top 10 Recommended Decoupage Tissue Design

Top 10 Recommended Decoupage Tissue Design

Decoupage is a very easy craft. Following the correct steps is sure to yield perfect results each time. It uses different kinds of paper and even fabric to give your project a painted design. Decoupage is all about experiments and creativity and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. It is a great art form to upcycle or personalize something the way you want.

Decoupage tissues come in light paper and is a great option for decoupage. They come in various themes and designs and are useful in a large number of projects. Decoupage can be done on a large number of surface ranging from wood, to glass, to walls and so on. Read on to find out our top 10 Recommended Decoupage tissue designs which is sure to give a perfect outcome each time.

  1. Little Princess with Flowers Decoupage Tissue: This cute little design is sure to melt your heart. It is a great choice for decoupaging on décor items for kid’s room.

2-Pink Rose Decoupage Tissues: This elegant design is sure to make your project more charming and graceful. The outcome is sure to mesmerize your guests.

3-Garden Backyard Decoupage Tissues: This vibrant design is sure to enhance the look of your project and surprise you with the result.

4-Bunny Friends Decoupage Tissues: This cute design will not only appeal to kids but people of all ages. The outcome is sure take you by surprise .

5-Sunflower Decoupage Tissues: This bright and unique design will add a quaint charm to your projects. This is not just perfect for you garden projects but can be used anywhere for that vibrant look.

6-Vespa Scooter with Flowers Decoupage Tissues: This design is charming in old-fashioned way.

7- Kettle Decoupage Tissue - This is a beautiful tissue which has a kettle with a pourer and flowers in the background . This can be used in kitchen items in many ways . So , lets decorate .

8-Red Bicycle and Flowers Basket Decoupage Tissue: How can one go wrong with an enchanting red bicycle and a basket of flowers.

9-Running Horses Decoupage Tissue: This simple design is one of our top picks because of its rustic charm

10-Spring Postcards Decoupage Tissues: Another charming design representing the old world.

Our decoupage tissues are 3 ply decorative tissues and are perfect for decorating planks or utility products such as kid’s room décor, tissue box, jewelry box, keyholders, cutlery sets, bird houses, alphabet monograms and many more. Explore our range of decoupage tissue, they are sure to mesmerize you.

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