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TOP 20 Recommended MDF Products for Crafts

TOP 20 Recommended MDF Products for Crafts

Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF is used extensively as a craft material for making home utility products.The surface of MDF products are suitable for acrylic painting, chalk painting and other types of decorations. It has a smooth surface and is an art lover delight to create beautiful projects. The main advantage is that it gives the project a rich wooden finish but is much cheaper.

It used to create various craft projects like different types of storage boxes, nameplate, wall accent, keyholders, embellishments etc. We are listing a few MDF products which make a great choice for craft.

  1. Trays: MDF trays are like blank canvases for any type of crafting projects. You can create any type of tray ranging from coffee or tea trays, trays for gifting and even for wall hanging. They come in different size and shapes and you can choose one that fits your requirement.

2-Boxes: These cute little boxes can be decorated using paints, ensembles or decoupage to be used as a home décor or storing you makeup, candies etc.

3-Coasters: Nothing beats the charm of a handcrafted coaster.

4-Alphabets: Monograms are in trend, especially personalized ones.

5-Photo Frames: Why purchase expensive photo frames when you can craft one using MDF frames. Create a set of photo frames to adorn that wall you have always wanted to decorate using craft products.

6-Shadow Box- This can be used by you to keep your decorative items and funky items to enhance your place look and at the same time getting less space covered .

6-Clocks: Why not create decoupaged clocks using photographs to gift to your loved ones.

7-Embellishments: A wide range of MDF embellishment are available in various themes and sizes. You are sure to find one that charms you.

8-Home Utility: This includes keyholders, candle holders etc. Hand painted home utility products look great.

9-Organizers: This includes wardrobe and kitchen organizers. Simply wrap your organizers with pretty wrapping papers. They are sure to stand out.

10-Sentiment Cutouts: These cute little quotes and emotions display spread more warmth when crafted personally.

11-Plaques: These simple cutouts of shapes can create magic when you let your creativity take over.

12-Pencil Organiser: Looking for return gift for your kid’s birthday. Let them paint and decorate MDF pencil holders for the personal touch.

13-Cute Hangers: These cute MDF hangers are a perfect choice not just for your kid’s wardrobe but yours too.

14-Tissue Holders: Who doesn’t need a tissue holder. Next time you need one, just get a blank MDF tissue holder and decorate it as you like.

15-Kid’s Cut Outs: These simple cut outs come in various animal, birds and other characters. It is sure to keep your kid busy for hours as they express themselves on this blank canvas

16-Home Décor: Various home décor accents such as wall shelves are available in MDF. You don’t have to go searching for a wall décor, simply create one.

17-Office Utility: Small office utility like calendar holders, stationery organizers are better when hand crafted to spread the warmth that you feel at home.

18-Castle DIY Kit- This can be used in your kids project . And they can colour it according to their choice and give a complete look .

19- Light house- This is a beautiful light house you can keep it any where at your place , to the decorative space and lighten up to get bright look . This is small house used for decoration .

20-Home Design Nameplate- Home Design nameplate by Artsy Crafty is unique creation. It comes in 6 pieces with hooks to hang. This is perfect for nameplate crafting. This MDF Wooden Nameplate is perfect for decoupage and many other art forms. Looks beautiful on walls when styled with colors.

Artsy Craftsy offers a wide range of unique MDF products. These high quality products are specially created for art lovers like you. . These products have a smooth finish and for you to start working on it immediately. You can paint on them, use stenciling, decoupage or decorate it any way you like. Browse through our products In the MDF section, and you are sure to find something that will excite you and get your creative juices flowing.

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