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How to do Decoupage ?

How to do Decoupage ?

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage is a very old and popular Art form originated in Europe Region but later on adopted by China and other regions of the world. Decoupage come from French word “ Decouper” which means cut from something. Decoupage has become the most popular art among crafter now a days.In very simple words its paint and paper cut pasted together worked upon to give complete different look to any piece of wood, glass, plastic or metal.For many its cut and paste but it’s not just cutting and pasting. It requires lots of other techniques like smudging, blending, distressing , stencilling, stamping, sealing etc. to bring out a finished piece.

Why it is so popular Art form?

It has the advantage of “easy to learn” which encourages people who are not skilled in drawing or painting to learn and master it. When we say easy to learn It doesn’t mean that anyone can do it. It certainly needs patience, right techniques to be learned and develop mastery over it. But it does not require any fine art or prerequisite art education for it. So it can be learned and developed by any person who is interested to explore and learn something new.

What type of Variations available in this Art form?

It can be done on a variety of surfaces, using various types of papers and variety of decoupage glue easily available now in the market. A variety of decoupage glue gloss , matt, sparkle, fabric, all weather proof etc.

Usage of this Art form?

By Decoupage techniques one can up cycle- old furniture, plates, metal buckets, trunks, cans ,bottles etc. into a gorgeous piece of décor. Many crafters are using this Art form to make and selling home décor and utility products.

How to Learn and Master it?

To begin with once you choose a surface be it a wood, glass or metal, it needs to be prepared by putting right primer for decoupage. Then one has to choose the right kind of paper rice, decoupage paper or tissue design to be assembled over it.

Once you stick the piece on the surface one needs to merge these designs by painting background with same color combinations so that it doesn’t look like patch work but a printed piece. To accentuate the project one can take the help of stencils and stamping.

Though it looks very easy but knowing right techniques is very important to do it properly.

Finally it’s all about pouring your creativity while making any Art object. Ideas and reference can be taken from internet but once you will try it multiple times it will keep on improving.

Here's a video tutorial which will help you learn and understand the process for decoupage . Here we have made Decoupage nameplate . 

 If you are interested to learn Decoupage Art from us click here .

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