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Art Courses

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see – Edgar Degas

From the time a child is born, he/she continues growing and developing. Each child blossoms into a beautiful and unique human being. There are diverse experiences which contribute to this growth, and arts being a very important one. It helps you become the best version of you.

Art and craft, at times, can be messy, yet fun, demanding yet exciting.

Arts is not always about pretty things. It allows us to express ourselves. It has no rules and allows your creative juices to flow without any boundary. There is no right or wrong in arts and this makes it perfect for all ages. Art projects help you embark in making something you would have never imagined before. It teaches you to experiment and have fun and teaches a lesson or two about thinking creatively in all areas of life.

Why Artsy Craftsy

The true sign of intelligence is imagination and we at Artsy Craftsy foster it through art and craft. Our skillfully designed course equips you with the right skills at the right time. From drawing simple lines with pencils to creating master pieces from the stroke of your brush, we have covered it all.

Course Curriculum

Imagination is more important than Knowledge – Albert Einstein

Junior Beginners(4-6 Years) Course Starts with

  • Understanding of lines and patterns
  • Understanding of shapes and forms
  • Curved Line and patterns
  • Introduction to abstracts

And gradually move to

  • Colour Study, Unidirectional Colouring, Shading and Blending
  • Motor skill development activity using basic forms of art
  • Handling of paints and brush and colour
  • Study of Curve line objects
  • Study of foliage and landscape level I
  • How to draw step by step beautiful interactive art

Course Duration: 1.5 Years              No of Sessions:120-130

Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on. – Albert Einstein

Junior Learners(6-8 Years)

  • We teach them some advanced concepts including

    •         Study of colors and paints and forming new colors and blends
    •         Study of line, form, value, texture and space
    •         Using objects in simple backgrounds
    •         Study of curved lines and curved line objects with backgrounds

     The next level of concepts include

    •         Perspective study
    •         Animal and Bird study
    •         Art History & Art Medium
    •         creating landscape in real and abstract forms
            Human form and cartoons

Course Duration: 1.5 Years                     No of Sessions:120-130

Senior Seekers ( 8-11 Years)

The children are now ready to learn the following

  •         Basics of pencil sketching and shading
  •         Basics of live object drawing
  •         Basics of water colors, tips and techniques
  •         Still life drawing
  •         Composite drawing
  •         Abstract and landscapes
  •         Styles of various art masters-art history
  •         Various Art Medium
  •         Other art forms Graffilti, popart, zentangles, doodling
  •         Basics of Acrylics, glass paints, color pencils, soft pastels, charcoal
  • ,       Traditional art warli, Madhubani etc

Course Duration: 3 Years                       No of Sessions:250+

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up – Pablo Picasso

Art is as Natural as Sunshine and as Vital as Nourishment – Mary Ann F. Kohl

Senior Expressors ( 11-14 Years)

Your young adult is now ready to learn the following

  • Free hand composition of live still objects
  • Water colour on water colour sheets
  • Study of still life landscape ,figures (animal, birds, basic human)proportion and figure, drawings in pencil sketching and water colours
  • Art History & Art Medium
  • Free hand topic based memory drawing

Course Duration: 3 Years                     No of Sessions:Open