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Resin Art Workshop

What is Resin Art?  

Resin is a chemical which comes in two components , resin and hardener , when mixed together hardens to create a glass finish on the surface . It creates waterproof , beautiful epoxy glass like surface.

Why is it so Popular Art form?

Lately this art form has become very popular as its a very easy way to learn and create professional looking paintings and home decor products

What type of Variations available in this Art form?  

This art form has a variety of colour combinations, gems and stone combination , lacing technique or geode style.

Usage of this Art form?  
Resin can be used simply to make a transparent clear film over any painting , wood decor, furniture , to make it shiny and waterproof or by mixing pigments of variety of colours it can create abstract paintings, trays , jewellery.  
How Artsy Craftsy can help to teach and master it?  
Artsy Craftsy conducts Resin workshop at 2 levels
Resin for Beginners : In this workshop one is taught about the nature of chemical , how to mix in the right proportion , what surfaces to use , from where to procure materials and most importantly how to use it safely. Resin on Tray and Coaster will taught.
Resin Advanced: In this workshop one is taught techniques to make use of resin concepts and create ocean pour lacing and geode. Prerequisite of advanced is participant must have attended beginners workshop or have knowledge of resin usage.

Learning Takeawys

  • You take away all the knowledge of chemical and techniques and home decor item and paintings you make while learning it
  • Do's and Don't of resin usage
  • What all materials required?
  • Where to buy the materials?