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What is Distress Wood?  

Distress mode is giving weathered or antique finish to a natural wood or even MDF wood. It is basically making a wood look old or giving vintage effect.This technique is applied to give vintage effect on furniture.
Why is it so Popular Art form?  
This form of art recently became very popular because of its variety one can make any colour combination of furniture, frames, wooden wall decors, nameplates using the technique and make the home decor look very modern

Usage of this Art form?

One can create wonderful home decor products using this technique , can make a variety of name plates , can refurbish old furniture to give new look.
How to Learn and Master it?
How Artsy Craftsy can help to teach and master it? ArtsyCraftsy conducts workshops in which you are trained to give distress and antique finish to wood pieces using a variety of techniques. The teaching is done in so easy and creative way that even a beginner can learn and master it.
What type of Variations available in this Art form?
In this art form one can create an endless number of colour combinations for furniture, frames , wooden wall decors. One can experiment with a variety of techniques like wood graining giving shabby look clock rustic farmhouse


  • You get to take complete knowledge about distress finish
  • Kind of paint to be used
  • Tools required
  • How and where to apply
  • Wonderful home decor piece made by you to take away