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It all started with basic need of a parent to keep their 3 year old child creatively engaged and make new friends. That's how first event of Artsy Craftsy came into being in Bangalore ,2010.

Simple idea of kid art classes turned into a mission that is touching lives of thousands of kids, parents and art lovers in period of 8-9 years.

Being a political science scholar from JNU Delhi Mrs. Kanchan Yadav have chosen a path that very few have courage to take. Art was one of hobby she had since childhood but destiny had its own plan for her.  

Her husband Mr. Pankaj Yadav an IT professional had his own aspirations to make impact on the lives of people. Creative and business aspirations met together and that's where Artsy Craftsy took shape as full fledged business. Artsy Craftsy is operating in the area of Art education of kids and adults catering domestic and international customers, eCommerce for art products and handcrafted home Decor products.

Happy customers and satisfaction of imbibing value of Art in society is the fuel for the couple to keep going despite all the challenges of business and personal life.

Artsy Craftsy Family

Smitha Jayapraksh

Head-South India Operations

Brigade Metropolis, Bangalore

Riya Rajesh

Franchise Partner

Brigade Golden Traingle, Bangalore

Krithika Kusuma

Franchise Partner

Brigade Cosmopolis, Bangalore

Anamika Sengupta

Franchise Partner

Austin, USA

Divya Gandhi

Franchise Partner


Namrata Gupta

Franchise Partner

Sikka Karmik Green, Sector 78, Noida

Sonal Wamare

Franchise Partner

Gurgaon One, Sector 90

Ratna Choksi

Franchise Partner

New Jersey USA