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Save 10% Today! Use code:N10


Giggling Walls by Artsy Craftsy

Memories, Walls and Beyond…

  • And a home is what walls make it to be…

Make the walls speak about you, reflect your feelings, take you down that beautiful memory lane, or lift your mood….

Art adds to a home’s character, with its vibrant colours and unsaid stories invoking emotions through their fine lines that convey a different meaning every time you spend some moments, looking at it…

Making walls so creative that they start weaving a story of their own is the most direct route to transforming a house into a home!! You can do a lot with your walls, to spring them to life!!

  • Style the walls with inspirational quotes, that just don’t let you down, EVER
  • Make a collage of differently sized photographs, using high and low frames
  • Add wall hangings with a musical element
  • Create an accent wall using bold and bright colours
  • Install shelves or hang murals
  • Last but not the least, create biophilic designs, get life into your walls by bringing in plants. Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to add a bit of nature and life to your walls!

With Giggling Walls, nourish your soul with unimaginable creativity : We create with Elegance, Patience and Excitement!!!

At Giggling Walls, we nourish your mind and soul with unimaginable creations of art that actually have a dramatic impact on health and wellness

By fusing design, art, nature and memories, we create unique wall designs that make your home a warm attractive haven, eager to give you a warm, loving embrace after a stressful day!

These beautiful walls personify you – they make a statement about you, your likes and the choices you make. Whether it is your personal family photographs, nature art, quotes or beautiful illustrations, we help you combine the concepts to create a wall gallery that everyone gets mesmerized with!! Remember, those empty walls in your home are filled with immense possibilities! If you're ready to turn those bare walls into stylish, lively areas, you are at the right place. We will help you create a beautiful world in your lobby, kids room, kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Have some ideas? Want to Customize?

Whether you’re an art collector, a nature lover, a voracious reader, a poet or a sports enthusiast, we can help you customize your walls so that you can be surrounded by the things you adore and appreciate. Please get in touch with our Arts Team to help you design the wall of your choice.

Getting that cozy feeling of being at home

Family is most important - making a statement that reflects its culture and beliefs…