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Bottle Painting Workshop

The Bottle Painting activity is very interesting and it can be performed by everyone . In Bottle Painting our main material is Bottle obviously .

By our taste of creativity , accordingly we are going to decorate our bottles . There are many mediums by which we can decorate our bottles like acrylic paint , impasto , stones , embellishments , glitter , etc.

Just after preparing your Bottle base , lets say by making equal mixtures of fevicol and white acrylic and painting or sponging a layer on it . Then allow it for drying .

And then you are ready to paint or decorate your Bottles .

So , next time before throwing out these bottles , just keep them up , because they can be the part of your house decor items .

Learning Takeaways

- The technique of Bottle Painting will be taught deeply .

- Using different styles for decoration .

-tools and technique .

-where to use .