Charcoal Painting

Charcoal is a drawing technique that employs an implement of charred wood. Charcoal is a medium that once mastered will enable you to create impressive piece of art work. A charcoal artist is able to create great levels of gradation by merely varying the pressure of his or her fingers, and simply turning or rotating the implement can create a whole new kind of stroke on the surface of a work. As with many drawing media, charcoal responds strongly to the grain of the paper it is used on.

Date : 05-March-21          Time: 10:30am-12:30pm

Duration: 2 hrs

Prerequisite: Drawing skills required

Materials Required: Post registration details of materials required will be shared over email.

Workshop Takeaway

  • You get to take complete knowledge about Charcoal Medium
  • Verity of charcoal and tools used
  • How to blend
  • Knowledge about how to preserve painting
  • Make one sketch planned for workshop

Fee: Rs 800 Only


1. Where Charcoal painting can be used?

To create wonderful monochromatic paintings. These paintings goes very well with modern home decors.

2. Would the workshop help me to learn and master it?

Artsy Craftsy believes in detailed knowledge sharing. You will be trained in all the techniques of charcoal painting. Teaching is conducted in such an easy and creative way that even if you have limited knowledge of art, you would able to master it with practice.  

3. Can the participant contact Artsy Craftsy for suggestions and doubt clearance?

The participant can contact us within 7 days from the date of workshop for any doubts, suggestions or reviewing of their works.

Participant can join of facebook group artsy craftsy club to share the creations and get feedback and inputs from fellow participants.

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