Graduate in science, full time home maker, mother of two kids and an art teacher. Hailing from a family of Doctor and engineers, I always had an inclination towards arts and crafts since my childhood.  Art being one of my all time favorite hobby, had to give lower priority to look after my kids. There arrived Artsy Craftsy into my life; when I and my daughter were introduced to their art and crafts classes. It has been more than 3 years I have been associated with Artsy Craftsy, initially as a student and now one of their proud Franchisee.
Working with Artsy Craftsy as always been a wonderful experience, under the guidance of Kanchan. They are very cooperative, innovative, spontaneous, creative enthusiastic, always motivating and supportive. I am very happy to conclude that my hobby has now turned into profession.

Thank you Artsy Craftsy for bringing out an unknown quality of mine, Art Teacher… :) 

   Founder-Kanchan Yadav

Teacher from my head, mother at my heart and mentor by my attitude. I love art, being creative with new ideas and I love kids; they have a passion for seeing things the way we adults have forgotten. That's what makes them the best artist. I am not here to make Picassos or Michelangelos, but I believe each child has an artist in it and I hope in my pursuits with them I can show them how beautiful the creation of an artist can be. I hope to create perseverance, independence and character through my 2 hr/week art sessions.

In my journey of drawing, coloring and painting, I discovered that I was a teacher wanting to impart my skills to others. Thus began my fun holiday at 'Artsy Crafsty'

As a parent when my elder daughter was three and we shifted to new place I started activity classes for age group 3-4 yrs so that she can make new friends. We not only made good friends but also found our passion for learning and teaching art & craft. ‘Artsy Craftsy’ came to being in 2010 and now with more than 200 students (both kids and adults); we have 4 centers running at Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon and Reno N.V.
I believe everyone is teachable and everyone can learn: AGE-NO BAR. Hence I started adults’ workshops as a much needed break and refreshment for mommies and daddies everywhere.​

Trained as an HR professional, I never actually thought i would ever quit my full time job take my love for art seriously and professionally.  It all began when my daughter turned six, I realized that it is a time to give creative wings to her imagination  under the right supervision . In my pursuits to find a good skilled art teacher I came across Artsy Craftsy. Thanks to Kanchan and Smitha who saw the passion for art in me and encouraged me to teach my kid and other kids by providing the right training and  enhancing my skills for teaching art. This not only equipped me to give my daughter right guidance but also nourish my passion for art.


Nowadays, the kids are fully occupied in their school work where they feel stressed.  So I believe that art is the medium that can help in relieving their stress and they can enjoy their life in their own way. But they need supportive environment with structured curriculum under proper guidance of using the right technique of art in the right place at the right time. So I decided to co-ordinate with Artsy craftsy art classes to provide  such an environment where they can enjoy their artistic work and can use their imagination with freedom. I love to see the satisfaction and happiness on the faces of my students once they complete their art projects. I think that sums up the motto of Artsy Craftsy -"Discover the joy of creating" !!

Growing up in artistic environment art was a natural part of my life. At an early age I got my inspiration of art from great Artists such as Nandalal Bose and Jatin Das. Van Gogh is my favorite artist from the west.

I got my basic training in art in my home state, have won several state level art contests as a kid. After which life took its turn since I had been more involved with my academic pursuits. As a science student living in a boarding school and engaging into research activities, art took backseat for a while. But background in life sciences and research gave me ample opportunities to use my artistic abilities throughout my academic and professional life.

I work with many mediums including pencils, pen and ink, colored pencil, charcoal, posters, acrylic, oil, water color and more. Apart from this I also do upcycle artwork.

Art is an empowering hobby, it strengthens your personality by adding focus and perseverance.  It trains your mind to plan and execute. I believe, learning art should be fun, experimental and encouraging. Anyone can learn to draw and paint in a supportive environment.

I’m glad to be partnered with Artsy Craftsy, as they have one of the most comprehensive curriculum based structure that would support my training abilities and I would like to thank Kanchan for giving me the opportunity to work with her.

Please feel free to go over some of my artwork at  link
.I wish all my coworkers, partners and my students a great deal of happiness and success in teaching and learning art.

Art has always been an integral part of my life, professionally and personally. Professionally as a GIS specialist not a single day would pass with out using the fundamentals and principles of art on one way or the other. I'm always eager to experience different forms of art beautify our life positively everyday.

From my school and college days I enjoy creating different projects, painting with acrylics, up-cycling old things to new creative products at home. The happiness, confidence and the opportunity to express ourselves through art is important to me and I enjoy sharing this experience with my students at ARTSY CRAFTSY.Ever since I started Artsy Craftsy in Reno, its been an awesome experience, there's no looking back  and I enjoy every aspect of teaching art, and working with kids. I'm always curious to see the  process based art product and the learning of the students while the create their masterpieces. I'm grateful for the opportunity through Artsy Craftsy to work with kids and introduce them to such a simple yet diverse subject of art and help them build their confidence, enthusiasm for the subject and take some to create something beautiful in this busy world otherwise!!


Subha Segaran


Surbhi Gupta

​Harlur Road, Bangalore

Anamika Sengupta


Smitha Jayaprakesh


Shwetha Bayya


Though being an Computer Engineer i was always inclined towards art. After my kids i took a break from my regular job and started experimenting with colors during my free time. Attended workshops in Singapore and India to enhance my painting skill but all my hidden capabilities came to front when i got in touch with Artsy Craftsy, which not only polished my skills but also gave me confidence of my teaching abilities.

With Artsy Craftsy art lessons, teaching art became so easy that i made this my full fledged profession.

I am happy the way it is working out and growing day by day.