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Gold Gilding

“Gold leaf, which is created by hammering gold into very thin sheets, is used to gild paintings, sculptures, and architectural details. In art, the use of gold leaf is perhaps most closely associated with the technique of “gold ground,” a process that involves applying gold leaf to a wooden panel and using a burnisher to create a resplendent shine.

Applying gold leaf requires expertise as well as an artist’s eye. It is a fragile, expensive and brital material to work with.
When applied with proper precision, the results can create a surface coating unmatched in its perfection. In its most basic definition, gilding can be described as the covering of a base or common material with a layer of gold.”

Duration: 3Hrs

Fee:  Rs. 2500
Online:  Not Available/Available

Learning Take Away

  • create a base and learn about the various kind of bases on which gilding can be done
  • how to handle the gold leaves
  • Which glue to use and how to apply it
  • How to seal it.

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