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Coffee Painting

Coffee painting is a Monochromatic art form, which involves usage of single color. But the potential of this art form is endless.

Coffee painting though looks very easy has its own complexities. It is one of the unique Art forms to express your creativity since it can be done at home with materials easily available at home and very cost effective. Only one color is used in this form of painting but countless variations of shades can be created while working with these colors, with experience and practice one will realize it. Coffee color is very calm and soothing similar to its taste

Artsy Craftsy conducts Art Workshop, Craft Workshop for all Art lovers for those who’s having inclination of art as a hobby .

Very few materials needed to do coffee painting

  1. Black instant coffee
  2. Water
  3. Paint Brush
  4. 300 GSM sketching sheet or water color paper.

All materials are available at any normal stationary shop.

Instructions for Coffee Painting

  1. Create monochromatic shades of coffee as per requirement of painting
  2. Use soft hair brush for coffee painting
  3. Practice variety of brush strokes and techniques as per requirement

Duration: 2-3 Hrs

Fee:  Rs. 1500
Online:  Not Available/Available

Learning Take Away

  • How to create tints and shades of the single color.
  • All techniques and materials required for coffee painting.
  • How to protect Your painting.

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