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Save 10% Today! Use code:N10

Handcrafted Nameplate with Hanger

Original price Rs. 3,800.00
Current price Rs. 3,200.00
SKU A1590


 A beautiful Nameplate with hanger . A glass jar with some blossom and planter is also added into it . This is going to give a perfect look for sure .


Brand: ArtsyCraftsy
Material: MDF
Width: 17.0 inches
Height: 22.0 inches
Dimensions: Width: 17.0 Inches, Height : 22.0 Inches
Upper Plank Size :Width : 17.0 Inches, Height : 8.0 Inches
Name Plank Size :Width :12.0 Inches, Height : 3.0 Inches
Weight: 2000 Grams
Pack Content: 1 Personalized Nameplate
SKU: A1590

 For personalization, send details of Names on or WhatsApp on support number, published on website. Share the SKU of design selected.

Lead Time to craft nameplate is 7-10 Days.

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