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Circle Cutout (6mm)

Original price Rs. 150.00
Current price Rs. 125.00
SKU A0451
Product Dimension in inches

 The Circle plank is part of a range of Planks that includes Round, Oval, Rectangle and Square in different sizes. This is a circle plank which is 6mm cutout and is hand crafted. It is a pine based MDF which makes it easy to use as it provides a smooth finish to work on. These planks are best used for amazing Wall Art or Name Plates. 



Brand: ArtsyCraftsy
Material: MDF 

SKU: A0825
Dimensions : Width:
6.0 Inches, Height : 6.0 Inches

SKU: A0826
Dimensions : Width: 
8.0 Inches, Height : 8.0 Inches

SKU: A0451
Dimensions : Width:
10.0 Inches, Height : 10.0Inches

SKU: A0827
Dimensions : Width:
12.0 Inches, Height : 12.0 Inches
Thickness: 6mm
Pack Content : 1 MDF Circle Plank

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