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Water Colour Painting Workshop

It is the art of drawing, which is usually done on paper using water-soluble pigments. Watercolor painting is familiarly used by the children during school activities and performed with boxed sets of color paints with a wet brush. The pigment transfers itself to the watered brush.

The paper plays an important role in making watercolor paintings because the paper will determine the quality of your painting through its content, weight, texture and production. There is also not much equipment used when making watercolor paintings. Quality can also differ as per the grade of the watercolors.

It is also imperative to know the nature of watercolor paintings. When used initially, will stay wet and the colors will appear to be dark and intense, but after sometime, the colors usually tend to get paler when dry. Once you master this technique, watercolor paintings will seem to be uphill from that point.

Learning Takeaways

-One Full fledged Painting .

- The Tricks and Techniques will be explained in detail .

-The tools and Materials to be used .

-The sourcing of materials will also be discussed .