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Sculpture Painting

Sculpture painting is an interesting Russian art form . In this we work with decorative plaster to create three dimensional flowers on a base, the technicality lies in making the spaced which in itself is an art in this workshop we teach you how to make your own paste how to create a background learn various strokes of different petals and leaves to form a flower this workshop is only for people who are serious in learning as it requires lot of patience and practice to take it forward.

Once you learn to create the leaves and petals you can create various flowers just by changing the placement so in this workshop we teach you the basics of loading and unloading the knife how to create the petals how to create the leaves while making a rose flowers.

Material sourcing informaton will be shared .

Date: -07-Feb-21                                     Time: 10:30am-01:30pm

                                                                      Duration: 3 hrs.

Workshop Takeaway

  • You get to take complete knowledge about sculpture painting
  • How to make own sculpture paste
  • Petals and leaves making
  • Make background for the painting
  • Life time access of Video Tutorial

Fee: Rs.3000/- (without material)


1. Where sculpture painting can be used?

One can create wonderful home decor products using this technique , can make a variety of wall decor,table decor and wall sculpture painting.

2. How to learn and master it?

Artsy Craftsy believes in detailed knowledge sharing. You will be trained in all the techniques of distress wood. Teaching is conducted in such an easy and creative way that even if you have limited knowledge of art, you would able to master it with practice.  

3. Can the participant contact artsy craftsy for suggestions and doubt clearance? 

The participant can contact us within 7 days from the date of workshop for any doubts, suggestions or reviewing of their works.

Participant can join of facebook group artsy craftsy club to share the creations and get feedback and inputs from fellow participants.

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