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Rustic Wood Workshop

Rustic Woods !!!
Learn how to transform a simple piece of wood into a gorgeous piece of Home decor. In this workshop though making one piece you will get to learn various designs and variations

Date : 16-Mar- 21     Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Material will be sent via courier - mdf base,marble powder, gesso, paints, brush, stencil, ohp sheets.

Participants have to arrange palette knife for doing this activity .

Prerequisite: Any one can attend this workshop. No art skill required

Workshop Takeaway

You get to learn:
-How to prepare Base
-Faux Wood Effect :Giving a pallet wood look to a simple wood piece
-Texturing of Wood
– Crackle Effect
-What paints to use
-How to Mix and make our own Chalk paints/Vintage colors
-How to preserve and make your work waterproof

Fee: Rs 2000/- (wit mat. kit)


1. Where Rustic Wood can be used?

You can transform your existing paintings into modern look paintings as per your choice of colour and design.

Rustic wood is a new line of business having very promising potential in coming time.

2. Would the workshop help me to learn and master it?

Artsy Craftsy believes in detailed knowledge sharing. You will be trained in calligraphy basics in detail. Teaching is conducted in such an easy and creative way that even if you have limited knowledge of art, you would able to master it with practice. We will also be providing access to detailed handouts document of the workshop for practice.

3. Can the participant contact Artsy Craftsy for suggestions and doubt clearance?

The participant can contact us within 7 days from the date of workshop for any doubts, suggestions or reviewing of their works.

Participant can join of facebook group artsy craftsy club to share the creations and get feedback and inputs from fellow participants.

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