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Save 10% Today! Use code:N10

Online Art Classes for Kids

Artsy Craftsy conducts online classes to engage our kids creatively. These classes are regular class for our distant students. These classes are structured for different age groups based on their learning abilities covering basic concepts and foundations of art. Refer our website to know in detail about course curriculum followed.

Our course curriculum is divided into following 4 age groups.
Junior Beginners(4 Years- 6 Years)       Junior Learners (6 Years- 8 Years)
Senior Seekers  (8 Years- 10 Years)     Senior Seekers  (10 Years- 14 Years)

Sessions in month: 8  Sessions per week: 2  Session duration: 1 hrs  

1 Trial session will be given. If registered then the trial session will be counted as class.

Materials/Infrastructure Requirement:
- Computer/laptop with good internet connection
- Access of session plan will be shared beforehand for better readiness for the class 
- Participant to join class from quiet place
- Art sketchbook, Oil pastels/crayons, Water Colour, Brush, Pencil, Eraser, Water bowl ,Permanent black markers , sketch pens, Black gel pen

Please update the given form to identify the knowledge areas we need to work on for your kid. It will take 2 min of your precious time.

Please feel free to reach us. Our relationship manager will connect with you to take it forward.

WhatsApp: +91-9538894476