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Charcoal Painting Workshop

Charcoal is a drawing technique that employs an implement of charred wood. Charcoal drawings are a great way for any artist to practice gesture and how to zero in on big shapes without getting bogged down in detail. A charcoal artist is able to create great levels of gradation by merely varying the pressure of his or her fingers, and simply turning or rotating the implement can create a whole new kind of stroke on the surface of a work. As with many drawing media, charcoal responds strongly to the grain of the paper it is used on.
Charcoal drawings on cave walls were the first recorded art and visual record of man. Charcoal has transcended man’s history, and is still a popular medium for drawing, even today
In this Workshop we will learn
-all the tips and techniques of what kind of charcoal to use where
Willow, compressed, pencils or stumping powders
-Know about white charcoal as well
- how to blend and lift
- all tools which can be used and mediums with which charcoal can be blended etc.,
All this while making a masterpiece
Ages: Teens & Adults

Learning Takeaways

-1 full Charcoal Painting .

The technique of Charcoal Paintings will be taught deeply .

 -tools and technique will be told.

- you will be able to create once you learn this .

-Material sourcing information will be shared .