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Smitha Jayaprkash

Franchise Partner Brigade Metropolis, Bangalore

I am Smitha Jayaprakash, franchise partner of Artsy Craftsy at Bangalore since 2016. I was a home maker and Art was just my hobby. I never imagined that one day Art will be a full time career. Thanks to Artsy Craftsy for giving me all the needed support and guidance at every step with their well structured training and course curriculum. I am enjoying my each day with colors, new ideas and teaching kids. Join Artsy Craftsy and discover joy of creating.


Krithika Kusuma

Franchise Partner Brigade Cosmopolis, Bangalore

KUSUMA KRITHIKA is a resident of Bangalore and has a degree in Business Management.
She is a highly talented person with skills spread across various fields and disciplines. From earlier on in life , arts and crafts have been very close to her heart,she has been a winner at all competitive levels from her school and college days.While being a skilled painter herself, she is equally dexterous with cakes, clay miniatures etc . Krithika also features her cooking on various TV shows.
Apart from these she is also a successful maker of hand crafted soaps, which are made of organic ingredients. On the Personal front , she is married and has 2 children who keep her busy otherwise.


Riya Rajesh

Franchise Partner Brigade Brigade Golden Traingle, Bangalore

My world and headspace were limited to the four walls of my home where much of my time was taken over by my daughter, husband and household chorus. I was always good at handwork and probably needed some push and direction which I got from artsycraftsy when I joined them 3 years back. I realized how much I enjoyed playing with colours and DIYs. It helped me getting out of my headspace and move into a much more limitless world of creativity. I am thankful for my own courage to step out of my comfort zone and take a change on myself. I want parents to consider arts and crafts as an alternate career option for kids apart from the main stream options. Colours are stress busters, it’s meditative and really makes one happy, confident and proud.


Divya Gandhi

Franchise Partner, Tata Raisina, Gurgaon

After working for 12 years in Marketing side.. I wanted to move out of this 9-5 routine and follow my passion towards arts and crafts.. that’s how I met Kanchan Yadav, founder of Artsy Craftsy. The first conversation with her and I was all set in my mind that yes, this is the break I was looking for and by joining her not only I followed my passion but have got to learn a lot from her.. happy to be part of Artsy Craftsy team.


Shwetha Bayya

Franchise Partner, Reno Nevada, USA
Art has always been an integral part of my life, both professionally and personally. Professionally, as a GIS specialist not a single day would pass without using the fundamentals and principles of art one way or the other. Personally I began to realize that right from my school and college days when I started enjoying creating different projects like painting with acrylics, pastels, water colors, silk painting, up-cycling old things to new creative products at home. I realized the happiness I feel and the confidence I get whenever I express myself through art is important to me and I enjoy sharing this experience with my students at ARTSY CRAFTSY. Thus began my fun journey at Artsy Craftsy in Reno, it has been an awesome experience, and no looking back.


Anamika Sengupta

Franchise Partner, Austin, USA

Growing up in artistic environment art was a natural part of my life. At an early age I got my inspiration of art from great Artists such as Nandalal Bose and Jatin Das. Van Gogh is my favorite artist from the west.
I got my basic training in art in my home state, have own several state level art contests as a kid. After which life took its turn since I had been more involved with my academic pursuits. As a science student living in a boarding school and engaging into research activities, art took backseat for a while. But background in life sciences and research gave me ample opportunities to use my artistic abilities throughout my academic and professional life.
I work with many mediums including pencils, pen and ink, colored pencil, charcoal, posters, acrylic, oil, water color and more. Apart from this I also do upcycle artwork.
Art is an empowering hobby, it strengthens your personality by adding focus and perseverance. It trains your mind to plan and execute. I believe, learning art should be fun, experimental and encouraging. Anyone can learn to draw and paint in a supportive environment.
I’m glad to be partnered with Artsy Craftsy, as they have one of the most comprehensive curriculum based structure that would support my training abilities and I would like to thank Kanchan for giving me the opportunity to work with her.
Please feel free to go over some of my artwork at my website: http://www.runeasymom.com/art-works.
I wish all my coworkers, partners and my students a great deal of happiness and success in teaching and learning art.

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