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Do you have these question

Any one similar to my profile doing it already?

How to begin? What content to be cover?

How to approach customers?

Future potential of this career option?

Not confident enough to start?

Fear of failure in mind?

Starting something from scratch is having its own challenges. Why invent the wheel if someone has already done it for you. One can reduce the risk of failure by making use of already experimented and developed content and processes. Guidance by experienced coach/mentor can make things really easy to execute. Here comes the Artsy Craftsy to help you.

Success Story

I am Smitha Jayapraksh, franchise partner of Artsy Craftsy. I was a house wife 4 year before and Art was just my hobby. I never imagined that one day it be a full time career for me. Thanks to Artsy Craftsy for giving me all needed support and guidance at every step by providing needs trainings and well structured course curriculum.I am enjoying my each day working with colors, new ideas and kids. Join Artsy Craftsy and discover joy of creating.

Smitha Jayaprkash Brigade Metropolis, Bengalure

Why Artsy Craftsy Franchise Centre?

  • Art & Craft courses for all age groups
  • Well structured curriculum for each session and activity of every course
  • Guidance and all needed assistance to Holiday Camps and festive specific events
  • Marketing and Advertisement content
  • Teachers Training
  • Owning an Artsy Craftsy franchise puts you in control of organizing your future while providing kids with great art education programs that inspire and develop their creativity.

The support we provide:

  • Team Artsy Craftsy believes in providing unmatched support with unwavering commitment. For us, every franchise is a business partner, whose success is directly linked with ours. We follow rules and regulation, which are franchisee friendly, with the underlying rationale to provide the best possible support to them.
  • Dedicated Follow Manager for setting up of center.
  • Support for organizing cultural and festive specific art events Training of the teacher.
  • Extensive Marketing support
  • Customised Inauguration as per franchise requirements.

Our Requirements

To Start Artsy Craftsy center, franchisee seekers need to fulfill basic
requirements as per company policy, here is the list of such requirements:-

  • The Franchisee seekers must have an inclination towards art and craft
  • The location a residential area is preferred due to convenience of kids
  • The location should be safe for kids.
  • The Franchisee seekers should have interest in kid education
  • High energy level and openness for learning is key requirement

Franchisee Enquiry

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