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Art Classes for Kids

Junior Beginners (4-6 Years)

Basic concepts of Art

  • Color Study, Unidirectional Coloring, Shading and blending
  • Motor skill development activity using craft
  • Handling of paints and brush and colors
  • Understanding of lines and patterns
  • Understanding of shapes and forms
  • Curved Line and patterns
  • Study of Curve line objects: Still Life, Birds and animals
  • Study of foliage and landscape level I
  • Art History & Art Medium
  • Intruduction to abstracts
  • Junior Beginners level Assessment

Art courses for kids are designed to be messy and fun, allowing kids to explore and expand their creativity in a safe environment .

Key learning for Art Classes for Kids

  • Building Kids Confidence through Drawing
  • Art for Kids & Beginners with the help of Watercolor Painting.
  • Kids gets expertise to know , How to Draw Step-by-Step beautiful Interactive Art.
  • Kids also get expertise in learning drawing through Acrylic Paintings.

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