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Object Stencils

While making nameplates, planks, display boards and various other home decor products we need to paint objects to give a customized and personalized look. Artsy Craftsy has a range of object stencils which help you in drawing and making objects on your projects quickly. Our most popular object stencils are retro themed (like gramophone), cage, Lock-key, Eiffel tower, cups, balloons, vehicles , fence , mason jar , watering can, gumboots, wheelbarrow, hot air balloon, bird house. Artsy Craftsy object stencils can be utilized in your various projects to enhance the beauty of your work. You can use these stencils for the regular decor creation as well as for creating interesting and interactive storylines.

  • Dreamer Decor Stencil

    from Rs. 200.00

     : Used for Scrapbooking , Mix media and Card making: Can be Used with any medium like - texture paste , Spray ink, Chalk Paints etc : Can be used...

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    from Rs. 200.00