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Why is Art and Craft Important for Society? Parents and Kids’ Point of View

Why is Art and Craft Important for Society? Parents and Kids’ Point of View

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” - Edgar Degas

Art and craft are an integral part of a culture of any society. It is especially important for children and has a special significance in parenting. Art and craft help develop appreciation of visual aesthetics and function as building blocks for the development of children.

Art and Craft helps in all-round development of children. It facilitates language development by providing an opportunity to pick up new words and expanding their vocabulary. It also helps develop motor skills as it involves different movements like drawing, cutting with scissors, holding a paint brush to paint. It develops dexterity in kids.

Art and craft also nurture creativity and spurs innovative abilities in children. It inspires them to think out of box and seek out new ways of achieving their goals instead of following directions. It also develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children. Arts promotes visual-spatial skills in children and helps them identify, interpret and implement visual information.

Parents can use art and craft to inspire creativity in children. Parents can encourage the children to be imaginative and teach them to work with less guidance. Parents can help children get different perspectives of their work and encourage the child to share his or her views. It is also an enjoyable way of spending quality time with the children and encourage them in their learning process. Overall art and craft can play a significant role in overall development of a child and help parents to contribute to it meaningfully.

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