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What materials can be used for decoupage?

What materials can be used for decoupage?

Decoupage is a very easy craft form. The decoupaged project may look like beautifully painted masterpieces, but actually this perfect look is derived by pasting paper to a surface in a seamless way. Decoupage is all about creativity and imagination. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. Also, the materials that you use is entirely your choice.
You can decoupage almost any type of paper. You can chose based on what you are creating and the purpose of creating it. For example, if you are looking to create a tray that you will be using frequently, you have to use a stronger paper. On the other hand, for a wall hanging you can use beautiful decoupage tissues to give you the perfect finish. For more personalized projects, you can use photographs. Read on if you are looking for some ideas for craft materials that you can use.

  1. Decoupage Paper

These are soft and thin and have many attractive designs. Suitable for creating a set of similar themed projects as you will be able to obtain many materials in the same design.

  1. Cardstock

This paper is more durable than other options which it a perfect choice for projects which will be used frequently. It is more heavier and hence can be used for giving the project a 3D effect.

  1. Tissue Paper

This material is very light to handle and easily be bend round the corners. It is less likely to bubble up than compared to cardstock or other thick material.

  1. Photograph

Photographs are great to create personalized projects. U can use photographs on MDF frames to make the perfect birthday gift for your best friend. The photograph used should be printed from a laser printer, since the use of ink-jet printed photograph can give it a smudged look due to decoupage application.

  1. Fabric

Fabrics also make a great decoupage material. It is important to ensure that the fabric does not wrinkle when pasted to the surface.

  1. Newspaper and Comics

Cut outs from glossy newspaper and comics also make a great decoupage material. These papers are more durable. Moreover, fashion magazines, lifestyle magazines and even others carry attractive designs which you can cut out and use for your projects. Travel, fashion and vintage themes are quite popular.

  1. Wrapping Paper

A good quality wrapping paper also works well. These come in various themes such as floral, abstract and even for special occasions. Moreover, you will be able to procure multiple pieces of the same pattern, making it useful for large projects.

Choose your material based on the project. In case of flat surfaces like walls, furniture and other large areas, you can use any type of paper. In case of small intricate projects,  specialized thin paperwork the best.

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