"Connecting with children through art is an essential ingredient in the success and longevity of artists.

                                   - Jill Hatcher

Every child is born with extraordinary talent and here we are to focus on one of these talents ie., art.

Firstly, let us know that why art is so important for children, n why is it such an important subject right from the start of their schools n even before that. Because even the scribbles on the walls make them artists one day. So that's what we are here for. We focus on the little-hidden talent of these small naughty gifts on earth. We are well aware of the freedom these kids get while showcasing their thoughts or expressions with these drawings... How beautifully creative can they be...so to teach them this blessing and ancient expressions of people of the ancient period, we have divided the art into 4 levels where we can focus on each child to provide them with the knowledge of different types of arts in this world.These 4 levels are:

Junior Beginners
(4-6 years)

in this category we focus on the different aspects that a child should be aware in the start like the seven elements of art ie., shape, value, form, line, color, space, texture. We also promote the unidirectional coloring, patterns, different motives and they get the freedom to show their interest and gets the freedom of expression.

Junior Learners
(6-8 years)

In this category, the students get the exposure to the full-size painting and drawing sheets, understanding of the size proportions, mixing paints, understanding of the freehand drawing and the children are also introduced to poster colors along with another medium of coloring.

Senior Seekers
(8-10 years)

In this category, the students are introduced to pencil shading, sketching, still life drawings, they are also given a good knowledge about the use of watercolors. We also provide students in this category the uses of values and tonal differences.

Senior Expressers
(10+ years)

This category is the complete submersion of all the above category and a detailed art form from the starting. In this category children are taught the advanced painting styles like botanical which includes landscapes and sceneries with painting colors, oil colors, acrylic colors and also the other art forms using these type of colors...they are also introduced to the detailed drawing of the figures - living as well as nonliving beings. A charcoal pencil is also an ingredient of this Category. Doodles, stabbing hatching are in an advanced form. Painting from history like Madhubani, fork, modern and Contemporary are also taught here..they children are also given the freedom of Showing their talents in the form of abstract.