Junior-2                                                                 5.5+ Yrs to 7 Yrs

Kids are enrolled to this group based on assessment or Artsy Craftsy kids completed Junior-1 course.

Drawing & Painting Sessions:​ Detailed drawing with emphasis on understanding proportion and perspective. Detailed learning of shading & blending pastels. Right mix of art lessons with craft and mix media to make sessions interesting.

During vacation different forms of drawing like illustrations, favorite popular cartoon character drawing sessions planned.

Junior-1                                                              4+ Yrs to 5.5 Yrs

Drawing & Painting sessions: Starting right from basic lines to simple object drawing, uni-directional coloring, detailing, emphasis laid on handling brush and paints. Lessons planned in such a way that kids can experiment with their own ideas along with structured drawing.

Craft Sessions: Sessions are planned to enhance the motor skills & material handling capability of kid. They get to experiment with lot of materials and make crafts. Special emphasis given to make crafts presentable which boosts kids confidence. 

Senior Kids 7+ Yrs

Kids are enrolled to this group based on assessment or Artsy Craftsy kids completed Junior-2 course.

Sketching &  Shading Sessions:​ Detailed pencil work introduced in form sketching and shading. From basic still life drawing to advance level landscape and figurines covered. 

Painting Sessions: Introduction of water colors with all tips and techniques. From painting simple objects to complex landscape all is covered gradually based on kids progress.

Art of the month: 

Kids are introduced to different form of Art like pointilism, graffiti, zentangle, folk arts etc., medium like soft pastel, acrylics, glass paints etc, sometimes they re-create works of great masters and learn their styles. Like-  Van Gogh, Ted Harrison, Claude Monet & Many More.

These sessions are designed not only to teach the tips and techniques but also give wings to their creativity

Thoughtfully planned progressive art lesson for 4 to 12 yrs which covers basic drawing skills from simple line drawings to advanced levels like pencil shading/sketching of still life to landscapes, 3D, bird/animals and Figurines.

Holiday Camp:

Summer Camp-  Theme based camps "Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya", "Mitti Ke Rang", "Gatha", "Gudgudee", "Color me Happy"

Dussehrah Camp-"Chak Dhoom Dhoom"

Winter Camp-"Jingle All the Way", 

Art Workshops:

Specially designed for kids who cannot enroll for regular classes due to study pressure or other activities.

Water Color Tips and Techniques workshop, Canvas painting, Craft workshop, Soft Pastel workshop

For Kids

For Grown-ups

Art Sessions

Oil, acrylic painting as per choice. Learning basic drawing, sketching, shading different mediums

Adults who like to sit down and play with colors for a few hours. Its a perfect opportunity to complete a project, learn something new and relax. Each workshop focuses on one medium of art that can be used to create a wonderful world of colors and creativity. The workshop teaches you the techniques on how to use this medium. Rest assured you get to take away your hard work in the form of a canvas that will bring you a lot of joy. Age not bar, bring nothing with you but your enthusiasm and a big smile. 

Soft Pastel, Coffee Painting,, Acrylic Painting