Painting sessions- Oil, Acrylics, Charcoal,Pencil Shading/Sketching,Clay Mural, Glass Painting,Fabric painting,pot painting 

Art Workshops- Soft Pastels, Coffee Painting,

Online Art sessions

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  • Winner Art Olympiad
  • Students painting got selected for the front page of school magazine
  • Students painting awarded in social functions
  • Students ​getting positive reviews from school teachers

My elder daughter starting going to Arsty Craftsy classes from year 2011 with very little expectations. But now It’s been 4 years now and my daughter did not even once said that she would want to skip the art class. That proves the Artsy Craftsy’s ability to engage kids consistently with its various concepts. Also the teachers at Artsy Craftsy understand that the students are at different levels and that each of them have strong and weak areas.  They nurture and build confidence in each student rather than forcing them into one mold. 

Parents Speak

My daughter has been going to Artsy Craftsy since past three years and been enjoying every class. Artsy Craftsy has a personalized curriculum and a methodical and age appropriate way of teaching each technique. The theme of the month also enables kids to learn about great artists and their techniques in depth. Artsy Craftsy ensure that kids have fun while learning and build confidence in them. It is such a delight when my daughter comes back home after every class with a beautiful creation.

There is no dearth of art classes but not many are well structured and informed .Many of us has a clinch for art and want to teach it to kids but feel tied up as we don't know what to teach and how to carry it forward . Here we come to your help.

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Structured Curriculum, thoughtfully planned lessons based on learning ability and interest of kids 

  • Art Sessions for Juniors Kids
  • Art Sessions for Senior Kids
  • Holiday Camps
  • Art Workshop​

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